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550 Washington St., Quincy, MA 02169

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556 Washington St. Quincy, MA 02169


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History of St. Joseph’s Church

The Catholic families living in Quincy Point attended church services at St. John the Baptist Church, Quincy Center until 1915 at which time it was decided that a new church would be built for the people of Quincy Point.

Under the direction of the Pastor of St. John the Baptist Church, a stucco structure styled after a Spanish mission was decided upon. This building would have a seating capacity of 500 and was to be built on the corner of Washington and Pray Streets. This new church would be placed under the patronage of St. Joseph, the foster father of our Lord, the spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the head of the Holy Family.

For two years during the construction of the new church, the parishioners of St. Joseph were served by the priests of St. John the Baptist Church. A separate parish was established in July, 1917, with Rev. Michael J. Cuddihy assigned as its first pastor.

Fr. Cuddihy was quick to realize that education was very important for growth and after succeeding in paying the debt of construction of the church, he appealed to the parishioners for a fund to build a school and the parishioners responded immediately. In 1927, plans were completed and construction for new school was underway. On September 7, 1927, the school was dedicated and blessed.

A government barracks was secured from Fore River and converted into a parish hall. Later, in 1930, this was remodeled and turned into a convent. This was located at the present convent site and it provided an excellent home for the Sisters of St. Joseph who were to staff the school.

Rev. John J. Crane succeeded Fr. Cuddihy in 1930. In 1937, Fr. Rev. Joseph E. Murphy, the third pastor of St. Joseph’s, succeeded Rev. Crane. Improvements continued and the parish flourished. In 1947, the church was completely remodeled and redecorated under the leadership of Msgr. John J. Allston, the fourth pastor of the church.

Rev. Joseph Downey was appointed the fifth pastor of St. Joseph’s Church in 1970. Fr. Downey remained at St. Joseph’s for twenty years during which time he was able to raise enough money to build a new gym/hall. Through the generosity of one of our parishioners, Mrs. Georgette Nickerson, a much needed parking area across the street from the church was donated providing parking facilities for parishioners.

The Sisters of Providence were welcomed into the parish in 1980. They resided in our parish convent as a semi-retirement home for their elder sisters. In 2002, the reduction of sisters using the facility caused them to move on to their motherhouse in Indiana.

In 1990, Fr. Daniel Graham was assigned as the sixth pastor of St. Joseph’s Church. The church was renovated from top to bottom. The sanctuary was changed and the altar was shortened. New padded benches and kneelers were installed. New carpets were installed and the Church was repainted inside. The Holy Name men volunteered to paint the outside of the Church. Fr. Graham became Vicar of the Parishes in Quincy and instituted many spiritual events.

In 2002, Fr. Vincent Doolan became the seventh Pastor of St. Joseph’s Church. His previous experience with the youth has led him to institute a youth program, starting with the religious education program to build on youth leadership.

With the change in demographics St. Joseph’s school enrollment dropped to such as extent that the school had to be closed in June of 2006.

A capital campaign was initiated in November, 2007 which allowed for major improvements to be made to the Church and on the grounds, such as repairs to the bell tower, church chimney, concrete walks, etc.

Many dedicated priests, deacons and women religious have served us well during the past 80 years.

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